Anti-Aging and Preventative Skin Care

At San Antonio Prime Wellness in San Antonio, TX, we know that the best anti-aging and preventative skincare routine includes a combination of treatments and products, which is why we offer both. Our effective product lines, ISDIN and DefanAge, pair well with our in-office treatments like RF microneedling and glutathione, injectable neurotoxins, and even BHRT, all of which help patients achieve beautiful skin.

Anti-Aging and Preventative Skin Care

Anti-aging and preventative skin care are more than just a morning and evening skincare routine. Preventative skin care incorporates morning and evening products, in-office skin care treatments, cosmetic injectables, and even hormone balancing treatments like BHRT. All these treatments can work together to help patients combat skin imperfections, prevent, treat, and reverse the signs of aging and achieve a radiant and youthful complexion. Some patients may benefit from one of these aspects of skin care; others may benefit from all of them. We can design a treatment plan after assessing your skin, your concerns, and even your hormones to determine the best plan of action to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion.

Skincare Products

An at-home skincare routine is the foundation of beautiful skin because it provides a way to enhance your treatment results and maintain skin health daily. At San Antonio Prime Wellness, we offer two effective product lines, DefanAge and ISDIN, both of which include powerful anti-aging ingredients that can improve skin health and resolve certain skin conditions.


DefanAge is a medical-grade line of skin products that qualifies as a clean beauty line, meaning each product contains pure, quality ingredients. The products are also free of certain compounds and ingredients that don’t support skin health or overall health, including mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, and a host of other unnecessary ingredients that often cause irritation and inflammation.

Products You Can Trust

The products are free of human and animal-derived ingredients and contain natural, clean ingredients to help transform the skin. The line includes products that target different skin concerns, including aging, dehydration, dull skin tone, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, among skin conditions.

Best-Selling Products

The line includes products that can improve the complexion, neck, and body. They even have a line devoted to men’s skincare and different product kits that take the guesswork out of the skincare routine. Some of the most popular products include:

  • Clinical Power Trio
  • 3D Eye Radiance Cream
  • 6-Week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream
  • 8-In-1 Bioserum
  • 10 Luxe Hand and Body Cream
  • 24 Hour Fast Starter Kit


ISDIN is a leading company in European dermocosmetics that uses meaningful innovation to create healthier skin. These products were designed to support not just the skin but overall health.

ISDIN products do not test on animal, uses eco-design, sustainable distribution, and are designed to minimize environmental impact. Some of the best-selling products include:

  • Eryfotona Ageless – Ultralight Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
  • Eryfotona
    Actinica – Daily Mineral SPF 50+ Sunscreen
  • Isdinceutics
    K-Ox Eyes – Rich Vitamin K Oxide Eye Cream
  • Isdin SUNISDIN – Daily Antioxidant Supplement

Skin Care Treatments

Topical products are essential to healthy skin, but so are skin care treatments. At our office, we offer some powerful treatments that can transform the skin, including RF microneedling and glutathione treatments.

RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is a powerful treatment that promotes increased collagen growth in the deeper layers of the skin. It uses both needling techniques and radiofrequency energy to combat some of the most common signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and hollow areas. It also helps improve the appearance of acne scars, shrinks large pores, improves skin tone and texture, and promotes overall skin health.

You can expect to see some immediate skin-tightening results after your treatment, and the best, most visible results appear within the first few weeks of completing the recommended number of RF microneedling treatments.


Glutathione is an antioxidant that the body produces naturally, but your body decreases its production as you age. Glutathione is known for brightening skin; by adding it to your anti-aging routine, you can restore natural skin brightness. This treatment effectively targets dark spots, specifically the different forms of hyperpigmentation, and enhances complexion.

Injectable Neurotoxins

Injectable neurotoxins like Botox and Jeuveau are preventative skin care injectables that provide patients with an effective way to smooth the expression lines on the upper half of the face that have become etched into the skin and don’t respond to topical anti-aging products. These injectable neurotoxins work on the muscular level to block communication safely and effectively between the nerve signals in the muscles.

The muscles can relax and no longer repetitively contract with every expression, and as a result, lines and wrinkles fade. These injectables deliver long-lasting results, and you can expect to enjoy wrinkle-free skin for three to six months at a time. By scheduling regular follow-up treatments, you can maintain smooth, youthful skin year-round.


BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and is a treatment designed to balance the hormones with bioidentical hormones that stem from natural sources like yams and soy. BHRT comes in different methods, including  testosterone cream-based products as well as pellet therapy, in which a tiny hormone pellet is implanted just below the skin’s surface to deliver bioidentical hormones into the bloodstream.

This treatment resolves the symptoms of a hormone deficiency but can also resolve skin conditions resulting from imbalanced hormones. This anti-aging treatment helps improve the skin from the inside out while also restoring balance to the body.


Transform Your Skin with Anti-Aging and Preventative Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, there are so many different options. We can help determine which products, treatments, injectables, and lifestyle changes can help target your skin concerns, reverse the signs of aging, and help you achieve a youthful complexion. We can design a treatment plan that combines these treatments so that you can look and feel your best and more confident in your skin. Contact us at San Antonio Prime Wellness today to schedule your consultation.