Body Composition Test

If you’re trying to optimize your nutrition, workouts, and weight loss efforts to achieve your ideal body, you will benefit from InBody Testing. We offer this body composition test here at San Antonio Prime Wellness in San Antonio, TX to help patients determine their total lean muscle mass, fat mass, and body fat percentages so that they can learn more about their body compositions and make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve their goals.

InBody Testing: The Body Composition Test

InBody Testing is a body composition test that breaks down what your body is made of into separate categories so that you can better understand your body. We can help you make changes to increase lean muscle mass, lower body fat, and lose weight to reach your goals.

What It Measures

This body composition test measures lean muscle mass, water weight, and body fat and can even show changes in fat mass. It provides accurate data using a measurement method called bioelectrical impedance analysis. If you’ve been judging your body composition simply by the number on the scale, this testing process can help you learn more about different aspects of your body. It can also be used consistently over time to measure lean muscle mass and body fat to help you track your progress during a dietary or fitness program.

Lean Muscle Mass

Lean muscle mass refers to the weight of your body minus your body fat. As you progress in your fitness and dietary plan and make gains, your weight on the scale may increase, but as long as lean muscle mass increases and body fat decreases, you are still moving towards your goals. This body composition test will detect positive progress and can assure you that you are making gains, even if the number on the scale says differently.

Body Fat

Your body needs a certain amount of fat to survive. There are different types of fat: the necessary fat that surrounds and protects vital organs and the visceral fat, which can cause negative health conditions. Visceral fat is the type of fat you want to lose by changing your diet and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. This device can analyze your visceral fat levels and track changes over time as you work to reduce the total fat volume in your body.


BMR stands for basal metabolic rate and represents the baseline caloric intake your body requires to perform normal functions. BMR does not consider lean muscle mass or activity levels but helps us create a foundation on which we can build a dietary plan and lifestyle changes to help you reach your body goals. This device can help us detect your BMR so that we can move forward and create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Body Composition Changes

One of the benefits of InBody Testing is that you can undergo the testing process multiple times to track your progress. We can use the device to measure changes in your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. It can also help us detect progress plateaus so that we can make adjustments to your nutritional or weight loss plan as needed.

How It Works

This body composition test is a simple yet accurate way to determine your body composition. It’s completely non-invasive and only takes less than a minute to complete. It will measure your muscle, water, and fat percentages while allowing us to track changes in your body composition over time. We can use the testing process to track your progress.

The testing process includes a detailed printout that provides you with your body composition analysis, muscle fat analysis, obesity analysis, segmental lean analysis, and an ECW/TBW analysis. You’ll also be provided with your body composition history so you can see changes over time, and we can help make necessary changes.


A Quick, Non-Invasive Test

All you have to do is remove your shoes, empty your pockets, stand on the device, line up your feet on the plate, and hold the handpieces. The testing process takes less than 60 seconds, and you can remain fully clothed during the process.

Interpreting and Utilizing Your Results

Your body composition is more than just a number on the scale or how you look in the mirror. It’s more than just how your clothes fit; if you want to optimize your training, diet, and lifestyle to reach your physique goals, InBody testing is the perfect solution. We can design a treatment plan that targets specific problem areas and create a nutritional program that helps decrease body fat while increasing your lean muscle.

The Benefits of InBody Testing

One of the benefits of beginning a program that utilizes InBody testing is that you won’t have to worry about the number on the scale; the results of this testing process are more important and more meaningful. Your weight will fluctuate over time due to many factors, including hormonal changes, increases in water weight, and even how much sodium or alcohol you consume.

However, when you rely on these test results and follow your treatment plan, you won’t have to let the scale determine your confidence. Instead, you can trust the process, trust your treatment plan, and monitor your results over time with this unique body composition test.


Learn More About Your Body Composition

If you’re tired of conjecture when determining how to eat or exercise to reach your goals, we can help you experience real results and get some concrete information about your body to optimize your health and wellness. You don’t have to let the scale affect your confidence or use that fluctuating number to track your progress. Instead, you can experience the benefits of InBody testing to achieve real results.

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